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History of Leopold, MO


Leopold is an unincorporated community in eastern Bollinger County, Missouri, United States. It is located on a state road, Highway N, about seven miles southeast of Marble Hill. The community consists of roughly 250 residents and has one of the smallest high schools in the state of Missouri. The community is heavily Roman Catholic and of Dutch-German descent.

In 1856, Reverend John van Luytelaar established Vinemount, Missouri. Rev. John and 12 other families went looking for farm land. Among the families who made the trip included Clement Beel, John DeBrock, Herman Elfrink, Jacob Holweg, Arnold Jansen, Franz Anton Meyer, Anton Rickhoff, John Scharenborg, J. G. Sonderen, J.W. Tuling, and William Wardracker. William Wardracker was unable to make the pioneer life and left back for Cincinnati after two years of living here.

These families traveled down the Ohio River and up the Mississippi River by boat to Cape Girardeau and then found the community of Vinemount. Other families followed them and the community was starting to unfold.

In 1894, the first post office was built to serve the town of Vinemount. In the process of building the post office, they realized there was already a post office in Missouri by the name of Vinemount. This was when a name change was in order. The people then decided on the name of "Leopolis" (City of Leo), in honor of the Pope. This name was rejected and the present name, Leopold, was then proposed and accepted.

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