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Cemetery History of St. John's Catholic Church & Cemetery

St. John's Catholic Cemetery

August 29, 1867 First Interment and the Cemetery was established on the west side of Vinemount.

St. John's Catholic Cemetery 1917 Later in the year the large arch and gate for the St. John's Cemetery was purchased and erected.

St. John's Catholic Cemetery 1946 Work on restoration on St. John's Cemetery was begun in September. A rock wall was built around the South and East sides of the cemetery, and the gravestones were arranged in neat rows. An impressive outdoor altar was constructed in the center where only a large crucifix, the Sorrowful Mother, and St. John was erected on the altar. The task was completed in 1948 at a total cost of about $600.00, and after about 1000 man-days of labor, most of which were donated.

1952 In the Fall of this year, the St. John's Cemetery Association was formed. This made it possible for former parshioners to help with the perpetual care of the graves of their relatives and loved ones. Through the assistance afforded by the Cemetery Association, St. John's Cemetery could be kept dignified and beautiful condition in which it had been placed in 1946.

1977 Members of the parish worked at enlarging the cemetery this year. Additional space was cleared of trees and underbrush on the west edge to provide more burial plots. Members of the C.Y.C. assisted in the final cleanup by picking up and removing rocks so the ground could be mowing.

200? Memorial for our Children was installed in the Northwest corner of our cemetery.

200? Stations of the Cross were installed on the main driveway leading to the altar in St. John's Cemetery.

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